Terrific Blues Rock For Fans of California Breed — From New York’s WAKE THE SUN

The Long Island, New York-based blues-rock group WAKE THE SUN have released their debut, self-titled EP (Wake the Sun – Out Now!)

WTS bassist Jeff Alvarado
WTS bassist Jeff Alvarado Wake the Sun – EP

We had a listen:

The EP begins with ‘Wicked Souls’ and a tramping, shuffling rhythm that sounds like a herd of elephants on the prowl.

Then the most ferocious sounding tiger scream (Dillon Mealey on vocals) this side of the Bengal Delta slices through the jungle of guitars (Tommy Perrotta) like a gauntlet-sword.

This is hotter than the sun.  And louder than skies cracked open to let out God’s furious anger.

Spilled like blood against this heated vortex is more incredible guitar-work…

Fresh from the furnace — Red hot and reliably ready to blade.

The riff on ‘Grace and Faith’ reminds us of Budgie’s “Breadfan” (covered by Metallica in 1988) then onto the lusciously ripe ‘Politics’ which shows that these guys can play something that will influence a stadium and make a crowd sway in unison.

This is blues rock perfection created with passion and feeling from a group of maestros who now how to crank it to eleven.

For lovers of California Breed and/or Black Country Communion.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/wakethesunofficial


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