Vintage Blues & Gospel from DOVE AND BOWEEVIL — This Bites, Nags and Soothes

After recovering from life-saving emergency surgery — guitarist Mark Howes — aka ‘Boweevil’ — and his elegant accomplice Lauren Dove are very much back in business.

2014 was our first reasonably quiet year while Bo recovered” — Dove explained.

With a new horizon and the release of their second album titled ‘This Life’ on October 5th, it seems that quiet years are set to be a thing of the past.

While drawing their inspiration from the finest musical traditions of blues, soul, southern rock and Americana — The Dove & Boweevil Band (with Mojo on keys, Paul Williams on bass and Paul Weston on drums) are actually from British East Anglia. But it’s not stopped them gigging in Chicago or touring the U.S. Southern States.

This Life - The Dove & Boweevil Band
This Life – The Dove & Boweevil Band

We listened to ‘This Life’ :

The album starts with the overtly twangy ‘Food for Love’ which is a jambalaya of spicy/squelching rhythms and peppery hot vocals.

This number bites like a ‘gator. Nags like nettlerash. And soothes like a slathering of tigerbalm lotion.

That saucy voice is also at the centre of ‘Outta Town’ which this has a downwards stepping melody and honeydew organ. It is is addictive and fun.

Lady Lavoo’ is a crowd favorite at live shows. It was actually on their 2010 release ‘Getting Somewhere‘.

Here we have the most precious, vibrant and authentic slide guitar this side of the Atchafalaya Swamp.

The shivering voice creeps in unnoticed, like a hooker who is searching for her purse.

Sweet and sweaty. Unhurried but anxious.

The album closes with the finely composed country lament ‘Maple Leaf’ and more of that raspy vocal  — this time balancing around some clever bursts of back-room-bar piano.

Here are stories of devotion and liberation… Hopes dashed then rediscovered.

And of course, here we also share a journey of faith and dependence.

The voice of Dove shows a gratifying mixture of exquisite purity, conscious grace and earthy lust. And it never fails to astonish and entertain.

Whilst the guitars from Boweevil are strong, accurate and impassioned.

Vintage blues, soul and gospel. Created with enthusiastic zeal and genuine affection.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Order the album here:This Life – The Dove & Boweevil Band

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