Crown Lands

CROWN LANDS — Leadfoot

CROWN LANDS are a dazzling new rock duo that are becoming famous for their wildly exciting live shows and their unimaginably layered sounds that are produced by the incessant multitasking of Cody Bowles on drums and vocals with Kevin Comeau on guitar, bass (foot pedal) keyboards.

Crown Lands
Crown Lands – the voices are like aluminum foil streamers & cellophane shrouds…

If you could imagine the grunt, grind, and evocative impulse of Led Zeppelin, but condensed into half a bottle of Black Velvet, you’d be close to understanding the ginger root flavor of this intoxicating act.

Their debut full length album was recorded in the iconic RCA Studio A in Nashville and produced by six-time Grammy winner Dave Cobb (Rival Sons, Chris Stapleton).

The albums lead single “Leadfoot” is a warning about highway speeding that somehow becomes a song about interstellar love.

There’s lots of space and nature imagery [to] keep the song from touching down into reality but the music is quite rooted in blues and glam rock. Is it about aliens? Is it about cars? Is it about aliens driving cars? Maybe. Either way, it’s a lot of fun to play...” explains guitarist Kevin Comeau.

It’s a fuzzy clapper of a song with a murmur of bees that sound like they’re trapped inside a styrofoam pot. And the voices are like aluminum foil streamers and cellophane shrouds…

Yes, it’s a slab of rock and screams in anger at times, but it also has faint spikes of androgyny at its heart, and this brings a sense of mischievous psychotropicism. Very neat. Very tidy!

File alongside: Deap Vally

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

The album will be released on August 21, 2020. meantime, check the video for End Of The Road shared below


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