Julian Shah-Tayler


English (now L.A. based) singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Julian Shah-Tayler aka THE SINGULARITY MUSIC blends the nuanced vocalizations of David Bowie with the imperatives of Depeche Mode’s dark pop synth.

Julian Shah-Tayler
Julian Shah-Tayler – patent leather vocals sit astride ultrasuede swizzles of pepper grinder synth…

He is currently working with the legendary Robert Margouleff (programmer for Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book and Innervisions) who was also one of the first creative assets in Andy Warhol’s “factory.”

Julian’s dazzling new single, entitled “Evolution” (released on August 21 across all digital outlets) also features British rock musician MARK GEMINI THWAITE a.k.a. MGT (The Mission ).

It is a clopping honk that chugs like the express at midnight, and has bloodless, patent leather vocals that sit astride ultrasuede swizzles of pepper grinder synth.

Evolution is about the difficult process of evolving towards loving kindness through the layers of love and loss in a society that cares nought about the human heart...” says Julian.

It is about holding on to the pure ideal of the heart despite the cynicism of the intellect.”

Thus, the song’s melancholy dreaminess stops short of downshifting into broodiness and, instead, clings to a sense of hope.

File alongside: Erasure

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/thesingularitymusic

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