Horsham’s BLUE STRAGGLERS create unabashed fuse-slotted ‘n’ supercharged, hook-shot alt-rock with heavy punk roots.

Blue Stragglers
Blue Stragglers, She – a moderate grumble of playful sarcasm…

Raised in the supertown that lays between between London and Brighton, musicians Lee Martin (vox, guitar), Ali Waite (bass) and Andy Head (drums) bonded together over a love of bands such as The Raconteurs, PJ Harvey, Supergrass,and Jane’s Addiction.

They own and run their own not-for-profit rehearsal studio and thoroughly embrace the D.I.Y. ethic. And now they share two of the songs from the forthcoming ‘Blue Stragglers’ EP.

She” is a swaggering lurch, filled with punkish lowball rhythms and harrumphing bass notes. The voice is a bitching bleat (with cleverly harmonized descant, it must be said) so the whole thing comes across like a moderate grumble of playful sarcasm. Check the track below.

Late At A Festival” meanwhile, has gurgling guitars (with spumes of fuzz) and chipper/forlorn Glenn Tilbrook-style vocals. So, in some ways, this is propulsively grungy, yet it’s a bit androgynous too — as if sludge and skank had to give way to mellow and wavy… for at least half the time. This is ingenious, exciting and über-competent.

File alongside: The Greenhornes


The full EP is due Sept 4th 2020


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