BASTETTE Talk About It

BASTETTE features the frenzied, unbridled eruption and ultra-energizing high-heeled strut of all-powerful singer Caroline Eve Kenyon. The sounds of the band will leave you in awe and make you yearn for more.

Also on the BASTETTE team are Sam Newiss (lead guitar) Eoin Kelly (rhythm guitar) Paddy Duffy (bass) and Rob Hirst (drums).

The Lancashire UK band have just announced that they will be releasing their second EP titled “Bastette Exposed”  on 17th September 2021. They’ve also released a music video (shared below) for the lead single from the album, “Talk About It”.

that definitive moment when enough was enough…

“Talk About It’ lyrically takes a literal approach”, says singer/songwriter Caroline Kenyon. “We are always told ‘communication is key’, but from my experience, it doesn’t change an already broken relationship… 

“You can go round in circles repeating the same conversations, but never coming to a conclusion. Whilst the track highlights this ineffective and repetitive cycle it also shows that definitive moment for me when I realized enough was enough….”


The new EP was  recorded at the Lounge Recording Studio in Wigan with producer Gareth Nuttall (Frank Turner) and takes influence from the Pretty Reckless, Halestorm and Starbenders.

Talk About It” has a juddering glow to it, with blue tones that create the same kind of intense pressure that’s found in those forever repeating dissatisfactions we have all experienced when a relationship seems to be stuck on retrogressive rewind. The voice is low-pitched plum-cream and enriched cherry-plum brandy, in other words, it’s resinous in gummosity and vivid with luminous energy.

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

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