Mystification and Charm from THE VON HERTZEN BROTHERS — Sunday Child

The fraternal Finnish prog-rock group The Von Hertzen Brothers released their new digital single this week — ‘Sunday Child’ — via Spinefarm Records.

It’s the third single to be drawn from the Finnish band’s latest and sixth album ‘New Day Rising ’ — which features a specially edited and re-mastered version of the song, along with a previously unavailable extra track — a live version of ‘Mustapha’ (originally recorded by Queen for their 1978 album ‘Jazz’) — featuring the Finnish outfit Rubik.

Sunday Child’ is supported by a video filmed at Söderskär’s Lighthouse Island in Helsinki’s outer archipelago; the band – brothers Mikko, Kie & Jonne Von Hertzen, plus drummer Mikko Kaakkuriniemi & keyboard player Juha Kuoppala — played an exclusive show on the island and had the entire event filmed with the goal of creating something truly memorable …

It’s a remote, rugged and expansive location,” explained Mikko “With a 150 year old lighthouse; it fits perfectly with the atmosphere and story of ‘Sunday Child’. The goal was to capture this magical late August day from beginning to end, so the video is like a diary or a photo album of this special event and our gig by the open sea…

New Day Rising - Von Hertzen Brothers
New Day Rising – Von Hertzen Brothers

We had a listen to ‘Sunday Child – the Single by the Von Hertzen Brothers’:

The sounds rise and sweep across the landscape like sea fog… developing and cooling of the surroundings while remaining moist enough to capture interest.

The main voice is sweet and pierces the June Gloom landscape like the distant silver bells that it seems to copy.

But then, when the fog clears, the ground is littered with carcasses and debris. With flies buzzing, iron-work rusting and ditches filled with fluids. It’s like a battle scene emerging. The morning after.

However, despite the winter fragments and the debris, this is just beautiful. A classic prog-rock number full of scope, mystification and charm.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

The VON HERTZEN BROTHERS are lined-up for the next instalment of the well-run and world-class progressive rock eventHRH Prog 4 — which will take place on March 17-20 2016 at HRH’s favourite location — Camp HRH in Pwllheli. Some limited tickets are still available.

IAN ANDERSON is headlining this event.

Check out the New Day Rising video below for more VHB:


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