PLEDGEMUSIC — Payments Backlog is a Massive Blow

The direct-to-fan music platform, launched in August 2009, PLEDGEMUSIC has issued a long statement following widespread commentary about issues surrounding musical artists not receiving monies pledged to them during campaigns run on the crowd-funding platform.

Benji Rogers returns as strategic advisor and observer…

There were issues around late payments at PledgeMusic last year, but last October the platform announced logistical overhauls and promised a new finance system that ought to have resolved the problems. Some artists have suggested that the issue continued, and has been going-on for months and that they are still awaiting promised funds.

It’s clear, issues are continuing and an increasing number of artists have reported new problems with payment… the situation is said to be: “Heartbreaking” and a “Massive blow…”

PledgeMusic have stated: “We are committed to serving artist and fan communities. It was established by artists and was born of a need to change the way in which the traditional music industry operated. It was designed to help artists and their teams at every level, and we believe that PledgeMusic has become an essential part of the evolving landscape of the music industry”.

“That said”, it went on, “we deeply regret that recently we have not lived up to the high standards to which PledgeMusic has always held itself. We acknowledge that many artists have and continue to experience payment delays. These delays to artists are unacceptable – not only to them, but to us”.

Meanwhile, Benji Rogers has agreed , on a short-term basis, to return to PledgeMusic as a volunteer strategic advisor and observer and says he has been in discussions with the management team and board of Pledge over the last few days and is convinced that they are committed to fixing the artists payments situation as their first priority.


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