Electric Landlady by PURSON— Gypsy Electric Sexiness — from the upcoming Desires Magic Theatre LP Out Soon

This mag was lucky enough to see Purson in concert a year or so back. The band delivered some good quality moments — their show was brimming with “sexy, electrifying passions & swirling  rainbows…” We thought it was a return to those rare “White Rabbit” days of 1967 – with Rosalie Cunningham (the lead singer with Purson) playing ‘the part’ of a young Grace Slick.

So we are pleased that the (UK) band from Southend-on-Sea has revealed the first single from their upcoming studio album — ‘Desire’s Magic Theatre.’

The track is called ‘Electric Landlady’ — (Hendrixy!) and is accompanied by a striking kaleidoscope of a lyric video, created by Craig Gowans.

Electric Landlady - Single - Purson Photo by: Neil Mach
Electric Landlady – Single – Purson Photo by: Neil Mach

We had a listen:

This has a certain gypsy electric, coolness. Sexy and braided.

The smoky voice contains dark shades and mysterious psychedelia (recalling Sonja Kristina) as it vapours out.

Sometimes the voice twinkles. Then it simply oozes.

This is progressive, atmospheric, trance-like and psych-electric.

A fantasy psychedelic sound filled with incredible textures and swirling colours.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/pursontheband/
Main Photo by Peter Brenchley



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