Worlds Biggest Bluesman BIG BOY BLOATER AND THE LIMITS is to Release New Album Next Feb

Big Boy Bloater and The Limits will be releasing their new album Luxury Hobo on Provogue/ Mascot Label Group (Joe Bonamassa, Black Stone Cherry, Walter Trout, Monster Truck) on 26th February 2016.

With a fascination for textures and subtle narratives Luxury Hobo  sees Bloater in a tougher, deeper and more meaningful mood following a bout of depression in 2013 which led him to take a much darker tone.

Luxury Hobo - Big Boy Bloater & The Limits
Luxury Hobo – Big Boy Bloater & The Limits

He confesses, “I never felt I was prone to that kind of thing”.

He continues, “I had a breakdown, the album centres around that we’ve got all these great things but are still pissed off and medicate ourselves to be normal.

For a while life was put-o-hold whilst he tried to focus on himself and take care of getting back on track. This feeds the slightly dystopian perspective to the album — which is full of moments of black humor, wit and interesting twists.

The basic idea of the title” Bloater explained, “is we are all luxury hobos these days, we get to go here, there and everywhere but no one has it the hard way now do they? We all have our luxuries, it’s that juxtaposition, I think the whole album is about the modern day life and society.”

Luxury Hobo is out via the Mascot Label Group on 26th February 2016. Pre-Order Luxury Hobo – Big Boy Bloater & The Limits Here
Main Image: @neilmach 2013



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