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The Cornish three-piece blues-rock outfit WILLE AND THE BANDITS create songs that have “Astonishing finger-picked (dark) spirit and fervent choruses…

Photo of Wille and the Bandits
Wille and the Bandits – unlimited ambition

We’ve already written about their superlative “Paths” album. We said it’s an album that: “Re-examines, re-evaluates and absorbs the best reflections of the late sixties and early seventies…

And now the sophisticated ballad “Four Million Days” is set to be the third radio track taken from the Bandits’ new album. It builds an exotic sound landscape (Matt on cello, for example) that could easily be described as prog… with Floydish lap-steel guitar, ‘Mama Soul’ voices and unlimited ambition. In short, this is an epic number.

If you haven’t checked-out this free-spirited, existential and experimental album yet… what are you waiting for?

To be filed alongside Johnny Winter, Canned Heat and Ten Years After


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