Wonderful Jazz-Blues from Ontario based MEL MONACO — See the New Video Here

New contemporary blues artist and singer / songwriter Mel Monaco (from Bracebridge, Ontario – in Canada) is already noted for her commanding performances and soulful jazz vocals.

She was recently nominated for 3 Niagara Music Awards — female vocalist of the year, songwriter of the year, and also for the music video of the year at the 2015 Niagara Music Awards.

Now she has delivered a sassy and vengeful new track ‘Single Again‘ – the tracks’ video [below] was funded by sales from her 2016 Pinup Calendar.

These Are Just Suggestions - Mel Monaco
These Are Just Suggestions – Mel Monaco

We had a listen:

This is full of charming skirt and elegant swirling.

The squirty rude bass-sounds add texture to the sub-strata while the butterfly voice kites around in the multilayered upper-atmosphere.

The voice will remind you of Winehouse at her fruity best…

The same exotic twistiness, dapper swinginess and cocktail-olive tanginess.

Here is some wonderfully chatty ‘n’ sparkly jazz-blues by a salty lipped new-comer who has the aspiration and the capability to go the distance.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/melmonacomusic





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