Check Out the New Track — Napoleon by Los Angeles based Singer-Songwriter ANGELA BURNS Here

The Texas born and Los Angeles based alternative/garage rock songstress and actress Angela Burns (formerly of “Burns Theory” ) has now released an 8-track mix-tape titled ‘So That You Can Feel Better.’

Angela Burns - full grunge and the organic out-pouring...
Angela Burns – full grunge and the organic out-pouring…

We listened to the lead track “Napoleon” —

A “Napoleon complex” is characterized by domineering social behaviour brought about by short stature (thus the ‘Napoleon‘ described here sits upon a “pedestal”.)

But Angela is having none of it — she does not commit …

This is undoubtedly full grunge and organic out-pourings of sound… it reminds us of a rusty old mattress, springs dislocated and shedding dust.

These sounds, combined with the lip fierce energy and empty twanginess, fills the song with drama.

Angela’s voice is strong, rich and suggestive and it pulsates with chatter during the last quarter of this song… this helps take the number from punk rock territory and into the rhythmic pop world.

Yes, this is a prayer and entreatment for a real man... Perhaps one who is not such an arrogant pusswuss.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©


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