New Video from C DUNCAN — This Will Anoint Your Innermost Fears

As regular readers will know, here on RAW RAMP Island we love C DUNCAN.

Christopher’s voice is like liquid gold, and his intent seems to be to weave magic with inventive songs that are surreal creations — their softness often leaving you in a calmer mood.

His sweet mooncakes of heavenly sound will brighten up any day.

Architect - C Duncan
Architect – C Duncan

So we are thrilled to share his new video for his song ‘Say‘ – the opening track from his terrific album — Architect.

We had a listen:

The rat-a-shabby twisting rhythms rattle around a sparkling voice.

The voice unwinds — like the bandages in the video…

To expose a sonic dreamscape that is both celestial and divine.

And those harmonies… Oh God – they are so perfectly calming — they will anoint your innermost fears…

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©



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