Those wonderful people at HRH have introduced us to many of the greatest blues acts over the years.

And, in some ways, the 2016 HRH BLUES FESTIVAL [this year to be held at 02 Academy Sheffield April 16 to 17] is a celebration of the best that there is.

Micky Moody - multi-layered and extraordinarily poignant...
Micky Moody – multi-layered and extraordinarily poignant…

Here are our four picks:

The Malmo, Sweden born #bonafide singer/guitarist Pontus Snibb is justly celebrated for his hard-edged blues shows.

He has been playing devilish music all around the globe for many years. His ever-choking voice seems stretched beyond comprehension (it is more or less “Chappo” Chapmanesque in exercised bluesiness ) and his blues guitar-work is frequently a torrid stretch of hooks and charismatically stretched woundings. He is simply sensational.

Micky Moody is famous worldwide for his guitar-work with rock bands Juicy Lucy and Whitesnake (and until recently with Snakecharmer) – his multi-layered and extraordinarily poignant articulations are always wonderful interactions between guitar and voice…

And those fingertip rhythms are always expertly & precisely controlled.


Pig Irön - like early Zeppelin...
Pig Irön – like early Zeppelin…

We also have to admit, freely, we love Pig Irön.

They kinda summarize all we like about sweaty blues rock.

They sound fuzzy – like vintage Sabbath. But they also sound clawingly metallic – like early Zeppelin.

The most important thing is… they really know how to write good songs. They have gradually matured – like a fine bourbon – and continue to deliver the goods.

The Graveltones offer offer authentic rock ‘n’ roll debauchery.

The duo Jimmy O and Mikey Sorbello never disappoint.

We think their sound is like White Stripes, Slaves, Dolomite Minor and Royal Blood. All fused together. Then he sent back to 1955 in a time machine … To start out all-over-again at Chess Records. You’ll love them!


O2 Academy Sheffield
6th-17th APR 2016
Pass Hotline: 0203 287 6684
Buy Passes

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