Goodbye Mine — Sad Pop Rock from LOST AND PROFOUND — Album Review

LOST AND PROFOUND are a dark and sophisticated indie rock team from Toronto, Canada featuring Lisa Boudreau & Terry Tompkins — whose album released last May and titled Goodbye Mine was a treasure-box of poignant melancholy.

Goodbye Mine - Lost & Profound
Goodbye Mine – Lost & Profound

We had a listen:

The album begins with Superhuman which has brush-strokes of sound that cradle those sweet and beautiful butter lips.

This song feels like it barely runs along the edge of giddy excitement. Sad enough to cry, though not bravehearted enough to be triumphant. And maybe that’s what living each day is like … never quite knowing if we have to shout out that we are here … or should we hide away? Never knowing if we should exclaim our burning love… Or should we shy our love away?

Until It Broke‘ is beautifully braided. The voice here is intertwined with cello sounds that coil around the darkening root.

The pace is low spiralling so it soon begins to pull us down — and this becomes almost slumbrous as it collapses into the ashes.

Goodbye Mine‘ might slip from under you, like a velvet carpet on a polished floor.

Instrumentally, the song is a series of sighing leaps … and the guitar has a characteristic 70s golden yawn to it. Ultimately, this is a smooth and sweet easy listenin ‘ number.

The album concludes with Spectre which has emotional vocals that are prefectly balanced between dark chocolate and dramatic soprano.

Low notes play an important part here … They create a dark voltage that are constantly teased by the high-pitched perfection of that angelic voice.

Exquisitely beautiful musicality with a voice that is especially delicious…

This is an album that is full of extraordinary feeling and is supple enough to maintain a genuine subtlety.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©

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