Year Of The Fan Club — the New Album by GINGER WILDHEART is Reviewed Here

The South Shields, North East England born rock guitarist, singer and composer GINGER WILDHEART (best known for his band The Wildhearts but also involved in many other high-profile projects, including the Michael Monroe Band, Brides of Destruction and Camp Freddy in Las Vegas) is about to release his Year of the Fanclub album [out February 12, 2016.]

Hey Hello

Wildheart broke away from the successful PledgeMusic model that he had been previously been using for his Hey! Hello! power pop band formula (the group that consists of Wildheart with Hollis Mahady, The Rev, Toshi and Ai Sugiyama) and, stepping away from that notion, he instead created his own modern day online take on an old style ‘write-in’ fan club.

A subscription paid to the Ginger Associated Secret Society came with a guarantee of three new songs each month.

From this collection, Wildheart was able to select the most suitable tracks for Year of the Fanclub [thus the album title.]

During this song-writing (and collecting) process Ginger toured with the Courtney Love band — Love appears on track two — on the song titled Honour [see the video below] and continued to work with Hey Hello.

The Year of the Fanclub - Ginger Wildheart
The Year of the Fanclub by Ginger Wildheart

We had a listen to The Year of the Fanclub by Ginger Wildheart:

The disc launches with Down The Dip — it’s a glitter rock track with all the pomp and top-heavy,  well-stacked gorgeousness one would expect.

The voice reminds us of Eric Nally (Foxy Shazam) and the composition is full of bloussant theatricality without becoming too bloviating and blustered.

The popinjay act continues, of course, on Honour.

This has a nice fresh swing to it. It’s a sturdy boogie number too… with much clap and lots of flap-jaw happiness to be found in each velvet wrinkle… Oh Yeah! This one’s certain to make you smile.

These days Black Flags have scary assocciations, but that doesn’t stop Ginger screaming “Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now…” This is loquacious and fast ‘n’ scratchy with an itchy assed finish that makes you ask… Wha?

If You Find Yourself In London Town‘ make sure you fill your pockets full of pennies… This is a soft, warm and generous number and is loaded with beneficial advice for would-be travellers… it’s also stuffed with sarcastic acid.

The album concludes with ‘Don’t Lose Your Tail, Girl‘ which is more Smokie (“Living Next Door to Alice“) than Def Leppard.

It is given up with a smirk and a kookie smile. As if Dee Snider was visiting an elderly relative in a care-home. And he had to act all grown-up. Or as confusing and weird as waking up from a quality wet-dream only to find that you had fallen asleep on your Gran’s front-room couch and all her neighbours had arrived for an impromptu cupcake party.

This is a structured collection of (mostly) humdingers…

And all the songs have that brilliant arrogance we are used to from Wildheart…

Yep! This is part cabaret, part silver pajamas … part flaming shock-rock.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Main photo Paul Harries

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