BEN POOLE — Time Has Come

British Blues artist BEN POOLE is currently being described as one of the most exciting young guitarists to come out of the UK …

You can see him playing live this Spring [on UK Tour with Stevie Nimmo] — see the live dates [below.]

Ben is an impressive emerging talent with an invigorating natural ability that sets him apart from other young artists on today’s British Blues scene.

The twenty-five year-old has moved quickly from time spent at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music to his break-through album “Let’s Go Upstairs” [2013] — well respected by fans and newcomers alike. His “Live At the Royal Albert Hall ” [2014] catapulted his reputation even higher.

Now Ben releases his new studio album “Time Has Come” — recorded at Nottingham’s Superfly Studios (with producer Wayne Proctor, King King) — the album is out April 1st — on Manhaton Records.

Ben Poole rectWe had a listen —

Lying to Me” has squelchy turmoil  under the surface… and a certain buzz… the song rocks like a cradle bobbing on white-water and is stained by acidic organ. It’s the amazing dexterity of Ben’s beguiling guitar that will most impress you the most. The awesome fingering and the nourishing vibrato have a thriving  and incandescent quality.

I Think I Love You Too Much” burbles and spouts. Like the opening track, this is a muted affair… a relaxed operator — it is elegant and refined. Yes, there are hidden clusters of fire that sneak from between the folds — but largely this is a sensible flirt and comes at you directly from smooth-city.

Longing for a Woman” is a thoughtful waltz, with bright moments and pensive contemplations.

And “Time Might Never Come” reminds us of the dusty anguish found in early Fleetwood Mac. This song is frustrated by loneliness and is sure to give you a sense of mood-swing whiplash.

The album concludes with “The Question Why” which is a traditional blues session, complete with schnazzy guitar, sighing vocals and some immaculate timing.

The dynamic riffaramas displayed on this fine album will set you free…

But this album is more discreet than you might first expect…

It’s relaxed, easy-going and full of charm…  with under-stated numbers brought to life by a modest genius who’s quickly becoming the young luminary in this field.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©

ben poole tour poster


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