The New Single by PRIVATE ISLAND — for Fans of 80s Dance-Pop blended with Psychedelic Rock

Southern California six-piece PRIVATE ISLAND have announced the release of their eagerly anticipated new single Drugs.

The song, taken from their upcoming EP Sunbreak — out later this year — follows on from their hugely successful single Enough which notched up over 200,000 SoundCloud plays  last November … and has seen them attract plenty of attention in the LOS ANGELES music scene.

Comprising of Christian Lum, Tommy Nickerson, Cameron Anderson, Michelle Guerrero, Tim Barbour and Roger Mawer — the band tend to blend indie-rock roots with a hint of retro-funk drawing comparisons to acts like Local Natives.

Private Island - full-toned, agile, flaming and bouncy ...
Private Island – full-toned, agile and bouncy …

We had a listen to Drugs

This has the heaviest clapper beat that you can imagine… with a slimy, fruit-oozy guitar that cockles through it like red-jam in Raspberry Ripple ice-cream.

The vocals are sugary gold and the lyrics “Please don’t make me go ...” weave around the mental flow

If an 80s band like Wham! was trapped in an elevator with Carlos Santana — no doubt, these are the sounds that would emerge …

This is full-toned, agile and bouncy …

It’s a freshmaker, for sure!

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Main photo: Zulu Aljabri




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