Brixton Singer BRYDE Explains How to Help Yourself

The second single titled Help Yourself from Brixton-based BRYDE  has been described as a “pep-talk” and in turn, the singer herself says it is a “massive understatement.”

The song shines with intensity ‘n’ ferocity as it builds towards a huge orgasm of musical delight.

The track was produced by Jolyon Thomas ( Slaves, Daughter, Annie Eve) and sits somewhere between Wolf Alice & Daughter.

This new artist saw a scurry of activity over the last 6 months. Her music so far has been and played by Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1, featured twice on Fresh on the Net for 6music, Radio Wales, BBC Introducing in London and mentioned by various blogs including this one – we described her voice as “fragile-hearted — breaking in agony — with courage, like the wings of dragonfly ” in 2015.

Having been added to Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, BRYDE has already reached 30,000 listeners since October.

Bryde - breathtakingly beautiful yet slightly frisky...
Bryde – breathtakingly beautiful yet slightly frisky…

We listened to Help Yourself :

This is breathtakingly beautiful yet slightly frisky and even brawn-filled.

It’s an astonishing performance that exerts strong feelings…

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©





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