BRYDE Reveals Her New Track, Wait — for fans of PJ Harvey — Check it Here

Bryde is a Brixton-based London (UK) girl and an electric guitar.

She sings fierce and fragile songs about entangling and unraveling.

Now she has issued a soundtrack to a psychological thriller, also her debut single ‘Wait’ which is as sinister and uneasy as it is hauntingly beautiful.

Taken from her, as yet untitled, collection of songs, everything, including the cover, reflects the concept of a ‘mirage-like relationship’.

Drawing influence from the likes of PJ Harvey and Sharon Van Etten, and also with nods to Daughter and The xx — ‘Wait’ washes over with self-assurance yet feels as if it could crumble away at any moment.

Bryde- The voice is fragile-heart, breaking in agony...
Bryde- The voice is fragile-heart, breaking in agony…

We had a listen to ‘Wait’ —

This is tender and thin.

The voice is fragile-hearted — breaking in agony — yet it still rises bravely, like dragonfly wings, flickering against the electric guitar, tapping…

Soon begins a gentle pace, then the light shines through the offset folds of this wonderful frond-like piece.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

Next show: 11th Dec – St Giles in Fields, Central London



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