A Mixed Bag of Moxy Donuts from the Dublin band BEACH

After the release of their self-produced track ‘Arabia’ in November 2015 the Dublin based five-piece slacker-wave band BEACH are about to unveil their latest single titled ‘Donuts.’

the overall sneer reminds us of a long night on the tiles...
the overall sneer reminds us of a long night on the tiles…

Donuts is an affirmation that leaves the listener confused and confounded.

Written in a single day, Dave Barrett says the lyrics are about an “out of body experience I had where I transcended into a spiritual dimension. For quite some time I thought I was dead in the physical world.

Influences range from Joy Division to Tame Impala. But there is a distinctive flavor and quality here — suggesting that BEACH is competent enough to push sound limits, but not limited to any specific genre.

There are plans for a live visual show and tour later this year. For now though, ‘Donuts’ offers a glimpse into one of the most exciting bands to come out of Ireland in a long time.

We had a listen:

The tappity lethargy and the overall sneer reminds us of the morning after a long night on the tiles.

Creaks and bumps are random and only just the right side of irritating.

The sounds are snivelled out like trolley-wheels greasily trundled on hospital floors… and continue to fill the space with their squeals and irksome rolls.

All this whilst the dozy voice rambles around incoherently.

Warning: Do not try any of this at home! Listen only if you are intoxicated — or high …  Preferably both.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/BeachBandOfficial



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