SAIKA Explores the World of Courage + Chutzpah and the Chemical X

SAIKA is a 24 year old US female singer/songwriter possessed with the street savvy of a Brooklyn girl that is coalesced with the humility of a first generation Haitian-American. She is now based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Saika started her musical career in 2010 and says “I wanted to find a way of learning to express myself after having all these feelings bottled up inside me. I recorded my first song in a professional studio and fell in love with it ever since.

Saika went to high school with Jonathan Williams who’s is now her MD and keyboard player. She knew from watching her idols like Beyoncé and Michael Jackson that live instrumentation brought songs to life in very particular way. For over a year, it was just her and Jonathan who played live regularly including at Brooklyn College.

Saika - the fruitilicious vocal pouts and cranberrys ...
Saika – the fruitilicious vocal pouts and cranberrys …

Saika’s brand new single “Chemical X” was inspired by a mortifying moment in her love life. In her own words “I went to a party and saw my ex for the first time in over a year. Not knowing how to handle the situation, I drank a little too much and ended up vomiting in the middle of the dance floor. So embarrassing…

The Fresh single “Chemical X” will be released on 25 April by McCro Music Group on Concordia Records with distribution via Universal Music Operations.

We had a listen:

In a steaming landscape the fruitilicious vocal pouts and cranberrys out whilst dark notes rise through the vents of the song-structure and fluster in lacerating darkness.

The lyrics are all about the to-and-fro of a love gone bad … so the atmosphere is confused and edgy.

Here is courage and chutzpah from a girl who is not afraid to leapfrog over others even after she has been so fooly-cooly

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©



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