Swagged-out Thrust — COLOUR OF NOISE Live in London

We have described the output from classic rockers COLOUR OF NOISE as “rockificatious gratification, pure and simple…” so it was a pleasure for us to see the Brighton-based crunchy-riff pedlars playing live — up close and personal — at London’s excellent Borderline venue (supporting Toseland.)

As they took to the stage, a fan was heard exclaiming “At least this band look like real rockstars” And they did —muscular and magnificent — bold and strutting.

Colour of Noise - muscular and magnificent — bold and strutting...
Colour of Noise – muscular and magnificent — bold and strutting…

Matt Mitchell (the lead singer from Brit Metal band Furyon) is a cross between Robert Plant and David Coverdale … he is overloaded with irrepressible energy.

Guitarist Bruce John Dickinson (formerly with hard rock band Little Angels) was like “The Edge” — with piercing eyes he haunted the stage.

Backing singer and audacious drummer Randy Nixon (formerly of Magic Bullet Band) was wearing two hats. He slouched back on his stall before sneering and smirking at the audience.

Swedish Dan, on rhythm guitar, poked out his pink tongue — exciting and egging-on the crowd with his enviable and nonchalent smoothness. And “Silent” Ben — the big man on bass — thumped and strode with regular coolness. When we saw them, the band also boasted a percussionist.

Stand-out songs at the London show included “Can’t Take It With You” which had a sleazy rock ‘n’ roll riff.

We could almost hear the lubricant spilling out through the cracks. Matt’s voice, though mostly reminiscent of Paul Rodgers, also reached some intrepid and razor sharp highs… It was not all aggregated shingle and hoof-paste.

This song, like many other CON numbers — had a sweltering feelgood chorus. It was as exciting as lightning.

Colour of Noise transport us back to a FREE land of “Fire and Water”
Colour of Noise transport us back to a FREE land of “Fire and Water

We were also treated to new song “Lucky #7”. This had a determined beat and relentless and  fiery guitar-work that brought a ring to our ears.

Scorching vocals lifted the barely controlled emotion of the song — whilst an ever-rising riff kept things motivated. This was sensabulous.

We love these old-style blues rockers. They transport us back to a FREE land of “Fire and Water”.

There might be a variety of influences lurking in the sockets of their sound — but these are well hidden under the radiant tobacco sunburst exuberances.

In other words, their songs have a a groovitational pull without being out-and-out boogie.

This was an exciting show, bursting with powerful blues, enameled rock and some fabulous swagged-out thrust

Words & Pictures: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/colourofnoise
Grab the Colour of Noise Album Here


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