Interview with Welsh Rockers KANE’D

KANE’D are the hardest working 6 piece classic rock band around. We recently described their ‘RISE’ album as “vibrant, powerful and encouraging …

They maintain terrific energy levels. They create masterful song-landscapes. And they play intensely dramatic live shows…

We saw them playing at this year’s HRH AOR … their harmonies were awesome and their crunching guitars and pounding beats kept us clapping

Three Swansea (Wales) bladettes Stephanie, Stacey and Chez Kane (sisters) provide the passionate vocals and complex harmonies for the band, whilst the “demon in the machine” is the lead guitarist — Harry Scott Elliott — (he recently jammed with Tony Iommi on the Sky Arts TV show ‘Guitar Star’.)

The line-up is completed by super-bassist Alex Rees and confident drummer George Elliot.

Kane'd - We are inspired by a lot of female fronted bands … We love Pat Benatar ...
Kane’d – We are inspired by a lot of female fronted bands … We love Pat Benatar …

We chatted to the band at Hard Rock Hell —

We described RISE [the last track on the current album] as “military might juxtaposed with gentler moments of gorgeous luminosity” …

“Yeah! We’ll take that… ”

How do you write stuff that’s as complex as that?

“Well, we sit in a room and we feed off of our emotions. Normally Harry will start a riff with Cheryl — and the music comes… and we decide how we feel about it. We generally write how we feel. Or someone has a really cool idea and then we work on it… in fact it’s never the same process.”

“We do everything in house…We have got our own little studio — and that’s where we get together. We go from there, really.”

“It’s a studio in our bedroom! ”

Your vocals have been described as like Alannah Myles [all the girls smile and say ‘that’s a complement’] — What are your actual influences & inspirations?

“We are inspired by a lot of female fronted bands … We have to say Pat Benatar, we love Pat Benatar. Halestorm, obviously. And we grew up listening to lots of 80s hairbands, Whitesnake, Def Leppard. And we always loved the harmonies and how ‘full’ the songs sounded. And that’s what we aim to create. We always aim for a big chorus.”

Yes, that’s stuck in my head “La Di Da… La Di Da”

[All laugh] “First of all we thought it was terrible! And we didn’t want to use it. And we admit we get the “La Di Da” feeling regularly. ”

What’s it like having three girls and four boys in the band?

It’s nice (say the boys in unison) we get along really well. We complement each other quite well…”

“We boss them around (agree the girls) We really do! ”

Do you like being described as a ‘female fronted’ band?

“Um, yeah. Because that’s what we are. The boys are more like girls in the band anyway! Their hair do’s take longer than ours to get ready! They have got better hair anyway! ”

“This is a DIY affair … ”

“Yeah, yeah. We did all the recording ourselves. All the cutting and all that kind of stuff ourselves before it went to a friend who prepared the final master.”

Rise - Kaned
Rise – Kaned

So what does this Festival — HRH AOR — mean to you?

“We’ve been really looking forwards to it, but we’ve never been before. And we know there is a lot of people who have come up from our end to watch us specifically…”

Do you ever sing in Welsh?

[The sisters looked around the Mash and Barrel at Hafan Y Mor, Pwllheli ] “We only have one proper Welsh speaker in the band. Alex. We think everyone has something to be proud of, whichever part of the UK they come from… We try to support everyone. From whichever part of the isles they come from.”

So tell us about your show today at HRH AOR

“We will be singing quite a few songs from the album. RISE is out now. It’s available on all formats. No new songs as yet. We are just about to get back into the studio and start on album three we are, shall we say, ‘processing our ideas.’ We kinda know what the direction we want to go will be… So we’ll see what happens…”

Thank you Kane’d

“Thank you. And please check us out. ”

Kane’d were talking to @neilmach 2016 ©
Images by @neilmach 2016 ©

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