Bewitched Tension from Songstress and Blues Guitarist JACKIE VENSON

JACKIE VENSON is an Austin-based indie/blues guitarist, singer and multi-instrumentalist.

Her jaw-dropping new song — “Next Life” — is taken from her upcoming release Jackie Venson Live — due out later this year.

Jackie Venson - with a voice that is as clear as diamond and as dangerous as glass...
Next Life – Single – Jackie Venson

We had a listen:

A convulsive, downwards-falling tempo chills the heart of this number as a rippled guitar gradually comes together with mellifluous keys to create a rich tapestry of decorated sounds.

That voice is as clear as diamond and as dangerous as glass.

The strain runs deep — this is nervy and agitated.

This would not be out-of-place on Tumbleweed Connection [1970 ] with its clear vocal and flamenco-style guitar that seems as fluid as ruffled shawls  passionately swirled in the hot polka dot sun.

Descending cadence and bewitching tension can be found in this truly sad-eyed blue-gypsy rumba

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©




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