Pimptastic Jazz-Soul from TAMECA JONES — We are Head Over Heels in Love with These Tracks

Austin-based soul-pop songstress TAMECA JONES was one of 2015’s Top 3 Female Vocalists [Austin Music Awards] and possesses a voice that dribbles with sweetening tones — and reflects and absorbs those ever-reeling, slowly pulsating & incredibly smooth jazz-rock and soul numbers she chooses to perform.

We have been listening to  “Hot and Bothered” and “Head Over Heels” both taken from her forthcoming EP :

Hot and Bothered - Tameca Jones
Hot and Bothered – Tameca Jones

The voice on “Hot and Bothered” [the first single from TAMECA JONES] is surprising clear.

It shines like the chrome arches on a ’32 Ford Roadster found cruizin’ the streets of Dallas. The rhythms are blue and rudish. And the wiggle-in-the-bum beat is contagious. This is a joy.

Head Over Heels” [shared below] is a sad lament. With heavyhearted notes and a glistened tear to be found in each edge of the rhythm.

The gloss-bright vocal yelps in pain. But this is not hard to endure (for us) … it’s an ode to heart break with classic pain running through each and every tragic step.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/Tameca-Jones


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