New Album Preternatural Announced by MOULETTES — Check Behemooth Here

This May the Brighton (UK) based collective MOULETTES continue their journey into the alt.pop/rock and folk universe with the release of their most completely realized album to date titled ‘Preternatural.’

Preternatural (Bonus Track Version) - Moulettes
Preternatural (Bonus Track Version) – Moulettes

The Moulettes produce strong images, creative compositions, compulsive dramas and a whole host of other memorable moments. They are famous for their three-part harmonies, amplified cello, distorted bassoon, funny auto-harp, mysterious guitar, and experimental rhythms — and all their songs come with a thick slice of black humor too.

It was in early 2015, when reading an article in the New Scientist, that singer Hannah Miller began considering the concept for the new album — “I’ve always been fascinated by the natural world” said Hannah. “But this article compelled me to look deeper and start exploring all the surreal and beautiful diversity that exists. There’s so many phenomenal creatures out there we thought they deserved their own album.

Therefore, this new record aims to investigate and honor the richness and the enthralling diversity that exists in our natural world, and to analyze our relationship to it… Our similarities, our differences and our role as guardians

Are we a threat to the preternatural world that surrounds us?

Main Image: @neilmach ©
Preternatural (Bonus Track Version) – Moulettes


21st April SOUTHAMPTON, The Brook
22nd April OXFORD, The Cellar
23rd April LONDON, Islington Assembly
24th April BRISTOL, Exchange
26th April BURY ST EDMUNDS, Apex
27th April BIRMINGHAM, The Dark Horse
28th April LEICESTER, The Musician
29th April EDINBURGH, The Mash House
3rd May YORK, The Duchess
4th May SHEFFIELD, Greystones
5th May MANCHESTER, Band on the Wall
6th May STROUD, The Convent
7th May FALMOUTH, Tolmen Centre



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