Touch The Ground with WAKE THE WILD — New Single Shared + Reviewed Here

WAKE THE WILD is a brand new live dance act emerging out of the Bay area [Berkeley, CA] and now making their mark in L.A.

WtW - subtly bejewelled disco- funk-pop...
WtW – subtly bejewelled disco- funk-pop…

WtW are a 4 piece band who write and produce their own music. Their sound is an unparalleled mixture of dance heavy production, melodically aery vocals, and wholesome animated live instrumentation.

For their début single “Touch The Ground” the band were inspired by the euphorically upbeat feelings we all get when sharing treasured moments with friends and lovers. When the energy is right — and we’re celebrating the present — the weight of the world seems lighter.

We had a listen:

Glistening curves and sumptuous layers build up to create something that’s glamorously sandcastle bright and as sunny as a deck-day on a beach holiday.

This certainly owes more than a passing nod to the Perry/Bonnie McKee number “California Gurls.”

If you are seeking some rave-tastic and yet subtly bejewelled disco-pop with house beat whooshes and lots of sunny sweet vocals (from Zach ) — then try this.

For fans of Years and Years.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©

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