THE RIDES — the super-trio with Buffalo Springfield guitarist Stephen Stills, the “Blue on Black” singer songwriter Kenny Wayne Shepherd and the mind-blowing keyboardist Barry Goldberg  — have released their new album this month.

With more pioneering blues-rock attitude than you could shake a diddley bow at… and proudly presenting their disorderly house-party of a record — speckled throughout with soulful introspection — THE RIDES have released Pierced Arrow and are letting their growing legion of fans know that they’re in this project for the long haul.

Pierced Arrow (Deluxe Edition) - The Rides
Pierced Arrow (Deluxe Edition) – The Rides

We checked-out this latest chapter in their unrestrained, freewheelin’ journey —

If fully cooked back-room piano and boogie-down throat-gravel is your kind of thing then “Kick Out Of It” will be right up your Main Street Muffin.

A scintillating ivory-coloured guitar sits at the apex of this chuggernaut with its butt-full of stompin’ riffs and a  low-slung melody. This is a beaut.

All the guys out there have surely met one or two women who seem to possess supernatural powers. You know, those girls who are worshiped, idealized and followed.

So it’s nice to have a barn-storming number to celebrate those minxes. What would our world be like without ’em?

Riva Diva” has more rattled honkytonk chink and low-muffled oomph! than you could ever want. Yep! This is a song that drills powerfully into your nubbin. Predictably, there is also some fizzy guitar around mid-point and also some sweetly bubbling backing vocals. Largely, though, this is a classic rock ‘n’ roll number.

Virtual World” is reliably melodic. As mellow as sharing a sipping beer in the moonlight with Neil Young … And with flashes of guitar, rustling rhythm and a voice that will charm your socks off.

The album is completed with “My Babe” with its upright (sounding) bass, flowing keys and expertly rendered guitar. This is the authentic blues with a sleazeomatic pace.

This album sits somewhere between the rockabilly of The Meteors, the R&B of the Spencer Davis Group and the Soul of the Ram Jam Band. Less strong and turbulent than we might have expected, these songs are as sweet & dangerously alcoholic as a drifting Honolulu Hooker…

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©


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