Electro Rock Energy from KILLATRIX — Supersonic is Reviewed Here

KILLATRIX release their fabulously bubblesome alt-pop rock single “Supersonic” on 24th June.

The number comes from their album “Future Weapons” available at the end of the year, but you can see the video for the single right now … [below]

KILLATRIX - freewheeling synths and gleaming rhythms...
KILLATRIX – freewheeling synths and gleaming rhythms…

Raised on Manga, metal and the undeniable influence of the Essex dance scene, Killatrix like to push the boundaries of rock, lacing their sounds with electronics to create a hybrid noise: electro-dirt.

Citing influences from the deep grunt of Nu Metal, Gwen Stefani’s vocal genius and old school electro, their sound is a combination of hard hitting beats, brooding bass-lines, massive fat guitars and gnarly synths, seasoned with a strong voice.

With the Essex music scene in good health but local venues in decline, the band decided to get out into the world, building up an impressive portfolio of shows which has seen them secure festival slots at the likes of Brownstock and V Festival, supporting reggae-metal outfit Sonic Boom Six as well as being asked to support one of the band’s biggest influences, The Qemists, on their 2015 tour.

We had a listen to “Supersonic” :

This has a complete range of fascinating pop sounds from Japanese desire to Eastern promise.

The number includes that naughty bounce we expect. With freewheeling synths and gleaming rhythms.

The voice is cute and sibilantly shrill. But no less engaging.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/Killatrixmusic





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