MINDRIOT Debut Album “Brothers” — Out Now

After the success of their debut EP last year, the Irish rockers MINDRIOT composed of Tony Gorry on vocals / lead guitar, Mike Hoye on Bass and with Steven Bartak on drums returned in February this year with their debut album ‘BROTHERS.’ It is available now.

Mindriot - powerfully commercial and stompingingly viable rock...
Mindriot – powerfully viable and stompingingly viable rock…

We had a listen :

The first track “Alibi” has also been released as a nice video based on the award-winning CGI animated short called “CALDERA” by the talented director of animation and composer Evan Viera.

This song is a labour of decorative love. With highly developed layers of guitar that support the husky, hoarse and muscle-bound voice of Gorry.

But do not think that this is just splendor and wonder, even if the sumptuousness is impressive…

This also hits hard and is strong and durable. This is not a paradigm shift away from heavy metal themes —  The song is firmly within confines of the Classic Rock territory albeit concocted with a darkened edge.

The second track is titled “Run Away.” This has tasty riffs and exponential power in its rhythms. Reminding us of Black Label Society…

The song is filtered by amazing guitars and convincing holy-moans plus the kind of wailing that will remind you of Zakk Wylde. The “Just run away…” chorus will linger in your cortex

Billy Ray” is exotic and touched by Eastern influence. Yet it remains very Irish. You can almost sense the drowning goddess of Shannon, as she lingers a bit too close to the tributary at Fergus.

You can smell the weed- smoke too…  in the air. And feel the dew on your cheeks. But this is also a song about suburban poverty. The poverty of mind and spirit. About the boredom of living in an overspill trying to find your own entertainment and escape, however fleeting, in the concrete and uncompromising darkness of conurbation. So, this is a heavy folksong executed for a modern age. It deserves airplay worldwide.

Devil” is a bit of a departure from the other rocker-numbers on this album, with pin-point precise drums and acidic guitars.

The head-banging rhythm is hypnotic and blends things together. This is dark and moody yet, despite its title, it is not goth, black or even existential. It remains a straight-up rock number. Though it is bravehearted and noble, as you would expect from this band.

Although the song is darkened and grunge-tinged [reminiscent of Soundgarden dare we say] — it is not fragmented by patterns and textures. Just a powerfully crafted and stompingingly viable rock song.

Greasy bluesy southern rock with heavy metal ingredients such as angst-heavy vocals, swelling choruses and satisfying guitars.

Get Some In!

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/MINDRIOTmt


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