Modern Metal from Wales — JENOVESE Love U To Death Review

The JENOVESE debut EP “Love U To Death” has just been released [available now on iTunes, Amazon and all the other regular outlets.]

The Cardiff-based female-fronted rock sextet, who create spellbinding melodic-metal masterpieces,  have said that making it has been a “labour of love…

Love U to Death - EP - Jenovese
Love U to Death – EP – Jenovese

We had a listen:

Despair” — the stunning opening track, has already been released on video for us fans.[Check below]

This has surprising rivulets of synth to begin with. But then the scurrying guitars froth forwards. Emma’s voice doesn’t actually snarl, but you can feel the ferocity as it scales the soundwaves. Groovy bass and smashing drums help to make this track a sensational head banger.

It Doesn’t Matter” has more of that pitch-black synth and ribbed slices guitar take us to far Cimmerian shores.

The voice is clarity defined... with highly sustained tones full of energy and space. This track reminds us Halestorm, voice by Lizzy Hale, and superior craftsmanship by all the players.

Love U to Death” is twinkle-toed and wonderfully tick-tock in rhythm and texture. Steel combs of guitar combine with spring-wound beats to demand excitement and revenge.

Jenovese  - Emma and the band provide the strength and resilience to carry on...
Jenovese – Emma and the band provide the strength and resilience to carry on…

This track slinks nicely into the final song “Nothing Left to Say.” These two songs are joined at the hip by similar rhythms and an environment that is full recovery, punishment, retribution. “What is left to say?” Demands Emma. Before the band provide the strength and resilience to carry on.

For fans of The Pretty Reckless this is striking and musical … with a brush of synth gold, gusts of heavyish guitar and a sense of urgency that seems to excite and revive the personal demons of the frontwoman.

This is responsible and optimistic alt-rock that conveys drama and darkness to a wider audience without finding the need to become furious or uncontrolled…

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©





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