Dust & Bones — The New Album by GARY HOEY is Reviewed Here

GARY HOEY dropped out of high school and began playing clubs in Boston, Massachusetts and giving guitar lessons to other young players when he was fourteen.

He auditioned for Ozzy Osbourne in 1988 [the job went to Zakk Wylde] and in 1993 he recorded his hit album called Animal Instinct which included a cover of surefire hit “Hocus Pocus” — which became something of a signature song for him.

He has recorded 19 albums and has had five top-20 Billboard hits. He is considered to be been one of the top 100 guitarists of all time, his most recent album, “Deja Blues” was released in 2013.

Gary Hoey will be releasing his new album “Dust & Bones” on Provogue/Mascot at the end of July. It features Lita Ford of The Runaways.

“This is the biggest-sounding album I’ve done in years,” says Hoey. “From the guitars to the vocals to the rhythm section — everything was designed to produce a huge impact. I’m just so proud of this record.”

Dust & Bones - Gary Hoey
Dust & Bones – Gary Hoey

We had an early listen to Dust & Bones —

The album starts with “Boxcar Blues” a vintage Delta Blues number that takes the impromptu crudeness of a travelling bluesman and gives it a sleek hard-rock makeover.

Then we get some working man’s 1950s-style rockabilly revival with “Who’s Your Daddy” and some bejeweled guitar work.

Lead song “Dust & Bones” sounds like a number by Bryan Adams — perhaps embroidered and tickled by Clapton on guitar. The riffage is superior and the sentiment is cutting and realistic. This has Country nuances, but basically it’s a blues-rocker with hillbilly boogie in its bones.

The classic power ballad “Coming Home” is where Lita Ford (The Runaways) sings a duet with Hoey. This is coy and charming. A cool and efficient go-away heart-breaker.

When I see your smile … When I feel your touch / When I hear the words / I miss you so much.” Yes! It’s that simple. But truly effective. About 2 minutes 50 seconds into the song the plaintive guitar comes over lament filled and crying. Then this number becomes narcotic in its effectiveness.

The album concludes with “Soul Surfer” which has some big bold bass-notes and drummery that’s uncompromising. The fluid rhythm guitar notes are penetrated by acidic lead prangs. Soon the entire piece exposes mellifluently rich smoothness.

This is a triumphant album by a blue-mist 21st Century guitar genius who knows his Mississippi nodding-onions.

Dust & Bones by Gary Hoey is out July 29th 2016

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: http://www.garyhoey.com/




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