The BROTHER HAWK Big Medicine Review

Atlanta, GA based blues-rocking four piece BROTHER HAWK have released their album “Big Medicine ” [May 28] and head out on a national tour this week.

Big Medicine - Brother Hawk
Big Medicine – Brother Hawk

We had a listen:

There is a lot of traveling to do if you’re a blues-man. Thus the title of the opening song “Have Love Will Travel” and the pun [on Have Gun – Will Travel which was our favourite Western in the 1960s] is not lost on us.

This is a splendid low tempo dazzler. With hollow-sounding ‘Axis: Bold as Love‘ style guitarwork that quarries for the unbridled nature-spirit that is hinted at in the title and on the sleeve.

The lead break is fiery and amber. This causes an oveflowing sense of happiness and well-being, without resorting to sentimentality. The enthralling play-out even has something of the The Purple One about it.

No Room to Rust” is devastating gritty black and sooted to begin with. But things settle a while, and we are presented with a blues inspired ballad containing some vocals of superb quality.

L5P” has some adept percussion and sour organ that hangs with menacing intent.

The start of this this slow-burner reminded us of the work of British band Warhorse. This shimmers like a desert-spring in Thirsty Valley. The expressive tones of rich titanium guitar help to vent the tension in this piece which, otherwise, is filled with doubt and apprehension.

Ghosts” has sparkles of guitar that light-up the doleful grand-piano. The voice is smooth and refreshing. Clean as a whistle and sweet-toned. The repeating soft-rock motif is nostalgic perhaps reminding us of Foreigner 1987 in terms of tuneful mastery and pure production-quality musicianship.

The disc concludes with “Scarlett.” This has a southern rock feel to it and blues-harp sounds of pure-light that shine out before the winkles of electric piano combine with a beautiful song-structure to take us away into the clouds.

We never, in fact, reach the dizzy heights and pure scale of the first track  “Have Love Will Travel” which is a disappointment. But anyway, there’s plenty to enjoy here.

Fluid and ever-changing, this is properly inspiring heavy rock /Southern blues. For lovers of Molly Hatchet.

Big Medicine was engineered by T.J. Elias @ The Quarry
Mastered by Billy Joe Bowers
Main Image by Jesse Horton

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©





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