Cyborg — Space Sounds from VEKTRILL

VEKTRILL are a three piece electronic space rock band based in Worthing, near Brighton, England UK

Comprising of Scott Miller (guitar and vocals), Carlos Toppin (bass) and Jordan Stone (percussion) VEKTRILL create savage drum beats, omnipotent bass riffs, shrieking guitar leads and courageous vocal melodies that all combine  to make epic & effusive space-rock sonatas.

VEKTRILL’s debut EPCyborg‘ is out now

VEKTRILL - jagged edges and dangerous precipices ...
VEKTRILL – jagged edges and dangerous precipices …

We had a listen;

The title track “Cyborg” [released last year on video] is oozily filthy. With grotesque laughs and damaging fuzz that exudes from pliant bass-covered corners.

The vocal is brighter, with high-pitched meandering. It is not dissimilar to Billy Mackenzie [The Associates] in pitch and wobbliness.

The Killing Science” is a dirty clap-along and filled with fruzzy haze. This is fabricated from contorted metalworks and haphazard drummery. But it’s a whizz, all the same. With cleverly soulful vocals and shoals of musical shapes that ride in from the shadows.

Hydra” has a stepping-stone pace and a heart-beat approach. The whirs are misleading, as if the starlight path you are led towards will bring ever-growing danger. This has jagged edges and dangerous precipices.

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©






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