Lately we’ve been listening to the 70s-style art-rock band FIVE GRAND STEREO whose key influences seem to be glamorous Bowie mixed with experimental yet danceable sounds akin to Roxy Music.

Jane Fraser - Five Grand Stereo
Jane Fraser – Five Grand Stereo

Now the six-piece London/Irish outfit, [comprising Chris Singleton on piano and vocals, Jane Fraser on vocals, Stelios Kalisperides on guitar, Michael Kirkland on organ, Zane Maertens on bass and Ben Woollacott on drums] have released “Clip Joint.

It’s a squelchy, dusty blues-style number performed at The Fish Factory Studios London for the recording.

The song [about getting messed up in Soho] has sarcastic vocals, insistent hand-claps and occasional volleys of Andy Mackay-style sax.

Overall, though, it’s Bowie from start to finish…

Reminding us of the Hunky Dory period. With less rock ‘n’ roll suicide… And more dusty bar-room sub-glamour.

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©







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