Earlier this month we investigated the “classic-rock architraves and the thick rubbery-bass columns of power” that constituted “Bury The Witness” taken from the KINGBREAKER album “To the Fire” that’s available digitally from

As dark as black sand and hot as magma...
As dark as black sand and hot as magma…

And for those of you who don’t know, we are rather keen on KINGBREAKER.

The band is centred around the spectral lines of the velvet clad, magnetite-iron vocals of Hertfordshires Spinky, with Portuguese guitarist Gabriel’s exothermic guitar bloomery, thumping dark sandwiches of bass from Australian Tom and triple-point diamond anvil beats from Mikko on drums.

Their sound is riff-packed glory — organometallic jams filled with aware and fascinating lyrics and strong melodic structures.

Now STRAITJACKET flames into view. Shared here for the first time…

A growling ever-heaving predatory beat is established by stalking bass and gargling guitar.

Thrust into these mixtures … yet skating across the surface tension … is Spinky — whose copper/silver vocals are as dark as black-sand and yet as hot as magma.

Check it below:

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©









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