MOLLY BURCH — She is Downhearted

Texan has announced that she has signed with Captured Tracks.  She also unwraps her video for the debut single “Downhearted.”

Molly Burch - aching with loss and yearning ...
Molly Burch – aching with loss and yearning …

After relocating from Asheville to Austin, Molly found herself in reflective mood … Drawing influence and providential guidance from Dusty Springfield, Patsy Cline, The Shirelles, and The Everly Brothers, she went on to record a mellowed set of tracks filled with vintage ambiance and drowsy wistfulness.

“Downhearted” is a mellisonant and emotional introduction to this world , aching with loss and yearning.

Burch says she wanted this to be “A mix of feelings […] but also the freedom and lightness that comes with being alone, and realizing that you’re enough.”

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