Celestial Indie Folk — GEORGIA RUTH Fossil Scale Single Review Here

The Welsh singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and Music Prize winner, GEORGIA RUTH has announced a new album Fossil Scale, due for release on October 7th.

The record is the follow up to 2013’s Welsh Music Prize winning bilingual debut “Week of Pines.”

Fossil Scale - Georgia Ruth
Fossil Scale – Georgia Ruth

We had a listen to lead track “Fossil Scale”—

With background rhythms that are as cold as ice and cut like a knife — as well as the thumby pinch of low-harp notes — the remarkably agile soprano voice of Ruth shines through this piece like the precipitating sheen of the Afon Glaslyn.

With its finely dispersed pigments of sound this song falls into the art-pop, avant-garde definition.

It’s a top achievment — with nimble fingered plucking, silvery voice and expressive, delightful chorus.

Georgia Ruth’s new album Fossil Scale is out on the 7 October 2016 and available to pre-order.

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©



Fri 7th October – Spillers Records, Cardiff, UK
Tue 11th October – Servant Jazz Quarters, London, UK
Sat 15 October – Chapter Arts Center, Cardiff, UK




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