BIRDEATSBABY — Tanta Furia Review

British Orchestral Rock ensemble BIRDEATSBABY will release their fourth album “Tanta Furia” [So Much Fury] on 7th November 2016.

Mishkin Fitzgerald is best known for her role as singer and pianist of the band — even though she is a musical explorer and mystical artistic guru in her own right.

She’s helped by Hana on violin + vox, Garry on bass and guitars and Forbes on drums.

BirdEatsBaby - A thurible of prickly brilliance...
BirdEatsBaby – A thurible of prickly brilliance…

We had an early listen:

In Spite of You” has sincere keys and calming strings. The vocal is chilly and nerveless. The spicy pizzicato from Hana helps bring about a disturbing structure — it reminds us of James Bernard’s scores, although here the harmonies rarely collide … this song is lushly romantic and truly Gothic in terms of balancing supernatural elements with love’s great experience.

Temple” has now been released on video.

This tramples down at you like an enebriated theropod — muscles, cartilage and groaning weight. Here Mishkin reminds us a lot of Siobhan Fahey during the bitterness of her Bohemian punk period. The chorus is an oscillating thurible of prickly brilliance. This is as powerful as gunpowder.

Title track “Tanta Furia” is like a captive sugarplum fairy trapped in a bewildering nouveau cirque. The air-driven clamour and elastic super-tango melody is intertwining and all-embracing. This is fraught by thoroughly enjoyable.

If you like batty satire coupled with substantial orchestral manoeuvres, well developed emotional depth, and bustling vitality then this is the band for you.

See them play live in London on November 5th at Surya with Hana Piranha and Hands Off Gretel

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©

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