SMOOVE AND TURRELL Crown Posada Review

Geordie [Newcastle, UK] Northern soul-funk  duo SMOOVE AND TURRELL comprising of singer John Turrell and producer Smoove are preparing the launch of their new album ‘Crown Posada‘ on Jalapeno Records.

 SMOOVE AND TURRELL - sunny-shiver and mirror-ball quavers...
SMOOVE AND TURRELL – sunny-shiver and mirror-ball quavers…

We had a listen:

The disc starts with “You Could’ve Been A Lady.

This has more shake-ability in its rump than a wild grizzly who sat upon a hornet’s nest.

Back in ’75 we saw Hot Chocolate perform this – their ’71 hit – in an East London pub. We seem to remember that it was the best song of the night. Sexy and cutting – it was sharp and neat. “You could have been sweet as wine” we sang… Yeah, wotta bitch?!?

Of course the SMOOVE AND TURRELL version is deep-cup, wobbly and full-plum. That’s what years do to you. They add pounds to the sounds. This rendition has great oomph! Worthy!

No Point In Trying” is a stunning shuffler. With smooth yet angry cafe-creme vocals and juddering guitar-plucks that vibrate like heart-strings.

Given It All” is sunny-shiver filled with mirror-ball quavers. But there is deep sludgy depth in the synth lines and gluey bass-stickiness. This is is wonderfully energetic.

Words: Neil Mach © 2016
‘Crown Posada’ is out 14th October via @JalapenoRecords

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