GURR — In My Head Review

A Gurn is a distorted facial expression. And a Grrrr! Is an expression of anger. What do ya get when you put the two together? GURR.

GURR - In My Head
GURR – In My Head

GURR’S Andreya Casablanca and Laura Lee Jenkins met in American Studies classes in Berlin, and after spending time in the US together, they began a reverberating pop project that referenced U.S. pop culture and also personal experiences on the road.

The duo’s album titled “In My Head” is out 28 October 2016 [on Duchess Box Records]

We had a listen:

Breathless” is discomfort and fantasy rolled into a bouncing rubber-ball of sound. The words are spat out against a screen of semi-sparkling guitars and shimmering cymbals. It’s like non-stop cult English rock but with a sugary-wonky voice and the kind of scorn one might associate with Bikini Kill.

Title track, “In My Head” is just as fast. This girlish harmonies coem admidst a tangle of guitars. It is early Runaways with the associated antagonisms and all defects you might expect, plus some shiny glam.

Moby Dick” is low-key and flexible. With a super bright voice and a rat tail rhythm that persists through the tangle.

Here are garage rock strains with colorful elements and a nod to West Coast Riot Grrrl culture…

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©





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