ALL BOY/ALL GIRL — Slagroom Review

ALL BOY/ALL GIRL began as a project when theatrical vocalist and front woman Danielle Lovier began playing with experimental composer and bassist Nicholas Rahn in Philadelphia in 2010.

When the two played in Rittenhouse Square Park for spare change, there was an instantaneous and volatile chemistry.

After touring the U.S. for three months as a duo, they found themselves living in New York City, writing and recording an EP of contemporary-classical-leaning pop songs.

Now ALL BOY/ALL GIRL is a 7-piece band assembled around those arrangements with soprano vocalist Jessie Rogowski, guitarist Josh Curry, drummer Joey Campanella, cellist Susan Mandel and violist Hannah Levinson.

The group toured extensively supporting 2013’s Tiny Iglesia and 2015’s Trophy EP with a dynamic energy that was appreciated by their audiences in the States and abroad.

ALL BOY / ALL GIRL : a feathery trek along a jagged stone outcrop of rhythms...
ALL BOY / ALL GIRL : a feathery trek along a jagged stone outcrop of rhythms…

Now they release their second full-length album titled ‘Slagroom.’

We had a listen:

Living Room” plucks a feathery trek along a jagged stone outcrop of rhythms.

The baroque shapes aren’t normal, of course they’re not… But this isn’t unnecessarily avant-garde. In other words, it’s more Phil Spector and the Crystals than John Cage and Björk.

All that I could forgive. But Debbie… Pastels” Thus spake Morticia Addams.

The Slagroom version has a rhythm that sounds like overloaded tappets with a disembodied female voice that is soft and fragile one moment, so lucid and demanding the next.

Voyeur” is properly new-wave. With urgent riffs. And a winding [rickety] melody paired with surreal imagery and a titilating pace.

A “Threnody” is a memorial ode. So this piece groans deep and wallows like a ghost that calls in the shade. It sounds scary & sacred, and so it should so! It is very consciously theatrical and probaby inspired by Carl Orff.

Possibly this album could be less deliberately distorted and more symphonic in style and structure, but there is no denying it is filled with lively expression and full of qualified innovation.

If you search for artistic Chamber Rock — this could be your new favourite band…

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©

Main Photo Credit: Anna Harty





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