Fizzy Brit Rock from FUZZWALKER — Continental Breakfast

FUZZWALKER are a riff-driven indie-rock outfit with a hollering presence and a knack for creating riveting, powerfully charismatic songs with refreshing zinginess.

Motivated by the lasting influence of Brit Rockers such as Oasis, Hard-Fi, Stone Roses and The Clash, composer and frontman Matt Brook is ably assisted in this endeavour by Billy Dedman [bass] Donna Peters [drums] and Carlos De Los Santos [guitars.]

Their debut EP “Continental Breakfast” will be released November 14.

FUZZWALKER - song-building mastery ...
FUZZWALKER – song-building mastery …

We had a first listen:

The disc starts with “Tailgunner” with juddering chords and whirling, whizzing guitars that dart like flying bottle-rockets into a vortex of skyclouds.

This number bristles with activity. The vocals are bitter-sweet with maybe a touch of venom. But the acid in the voice never competes with the high-energy rhythmic oomph of the musicianship. Startling, refreshing. And a real fizz.

Band track Fuzzwalker is a loose-hipped merry sway.

Chewy and funky this has a tropical flavor that reminded us of the heady British new wave-pop tradition circa late 1970’s.

The voice here is passionate. The rhythms are motivational enough to file under dance-rock. With exquisite guitar work that is reminiscent of Andy Taylor [Duran Duran.]

We all love a Continental Breakfast. Especially after a night of disco. This lead-track has all the elegant glitter-balling you might expect from a band that promises a “second invasion” of young British rock.

With long streamers of shimmering guitar-sound, sophisticated rhythms and a melody that grips your heart whilst you make lunges for your dance-shoes.

This young band has the image, sound, and refined ‘n’ elegant song-building mastery that ensures quality presentation and total excitement.

As they say, don’t be confused …. But stay fuzzy!

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©


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