RADWIMPS — Your Name

We are big fans of Japanese rock band RADWIMPS who formed in Kanagawa in 2001.

Radwimps composed the theme music for "Your Name" Directed by Makoto Shinkai
Radwimps composed the theme music for “Your Name” Directed by Makoto Shinkai

Their sounds are brimming with astonishing tone, feeling and awesome patterns.

But, at heart, their output is quality rock based upon steadfast musical regularity and some inventive characterisation. Melody and rhythms gnaw deep into a listener’s cortex.

Now the praiseworthy band have added another feather to their bursting cap.

THE RADWIMPS Noda Yojiro composed and contributed to the soundtrack for Makoto Shinkai’s critically-acclaimed, record-breaking anime fantasy film ‘Your Name’ written and directed by Shinkai and animated by CoMix Wave Films, with distributon by Toho.

Not only has ‘Your Name.’ been judged as Best Anime by the 42nd Los Angeles Film Critics’ Association — but it has also made the official consideration list for the 89th annual Academy Awards’ Best Animated Feature category — where it will be vying for a slot amongst the 5 shortlisted nominations for this prestigious Oscars category.

As well as wowing the critics ‘Your Name’ has performed impressively at the box office, earning in excess of $17.9 billion Yen.

Sparkle” [Supākuru] can be found on RADWIMPs latest album “Ningen Kaika” (trans. Human Bloom) Your Name. is the Radwimps’s eighth album and the soundtrack for the film.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/radwimps.official/

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