ÁSGEIR — New Track Unbound + Afterglow Album News

Icelandic singer-songwriter ÁSGEIR creates pleasantly nuanced lines that are eloquently soulful and often crystal-sweet

a soft rot of vocal pours out feeling and persuasion
a soft rot of vocal pours out feeling and persuasion

Now ÁSGEIR returns with a brand new single titled “Unbound” and announces his highly anticipated second album “Afterglow” —

The artist has spent three years sharpening and improving the eleven tracks that make up this splendid and poignant body of work.

We listened to Unbound

Squiggles and blurry smudges vent through a rhythm that’s rice paper soft, almost vapourless…

Then a soft-rot vocal pours out through the weave with feeling and persuasion.

It is fair to say that you have never heard anything like this before. But maybe you have?

Innovation, experimentation, unusual sounds and textures, idiosyncratic rhythms, perfectionist tendencies …

Darewesay Prince?

Talking about ‘Afterglow’ the artist said: “I feel like I have achieved plenty already with this album, gotten to know myself better, feel like I’ve grown a lot. Not just because of the album, but it has definitely helped.

The album will be released on May 5th 2017 via One Little Indian.

Words: Neil Mach 2017 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/asgeirmusic

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