VANBOT — New Alum Siberia + Single Reviewed Here

The Scandinavian VANBOT creates morphous and powerful synth sounds to which she adds a self-healing and dynamically three-dimensional voice. Her crystalline voice glossily creates unnerving pressure, bringing about huge electromagnetic force for those chippy synths to follow …

Photo credit Sara Arnald
Photo credit Sara Arnald

Now Vanbot releases her new electro-poppy single “Collide (Krasnoyarsk)” we had a listen:

The locomotive rumble contrasts with the soft pillow-clouds of vocal that puff elegantly along the track. This has an angelic quality…

Written and recorded by Ester Ideskog, Petter Winnberg and Johannes Berglund on the Trans-Siberian Railway in May 2016.
Album ‘Siberia’ will be released April 7th, 2017.

Words: Neil Mach 2017 ©





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