RADWIMPS — Human Bloom

RADWIMPS new album ‘Human Bloom’ will premiere on March 31 with a national tour in Japan, while COLDPLAY chose the group as special guests for their presentation in Tokyo.

human-bloom-tour-2017We have described the RADWIMP sound as “brimming with astonishing tone, feeling and awesome pattern...”

Human Bloom’ is a continuation of the same quality rock that’s based on musical regularity and inventive characterization.

“Human Bloom” (Ningen Kaika) will feature the RADWIMPS’ modernist style that combines modern rock and jazzy vibrancy with urban sensibilities — creating a single unique ambition.

The album, with its supporting videos, will surely galvanize and inspire any discerning rock listeners from around the world looking for musical, lyrical & visual majesty.

RADWIMPS put great emphasis on creating fine shows and magnificent stage presentations, and are also justifiably famous for their reflective lyricism.

Human Bloom” will feature 15 songs, including ‘Hikari’ (Light) — inspiring a black and white video — directed by Yuki Yamato (one of Japan’s acclaimed female directors) and the band’s hit singles from 2015  ‘As A Symbol’ and ‘I Novel’  — as well as the original versions of ‘Zenzenzense’ and ‘Sparkle’ [see below] and featured in Makoto Shinkai’s record-breaking and critically-acclaimed anime ‘Your Name’ whose soundtrack the RADWIMPS composed.

RADWIMPS will support the album with an extensive concert tour in Japan that will begin on February 25 [most dates sold – check with ticket providers] and will perform at 17 arenas (including the “Budokan” Chiyoda, Tokyo on May 9 and 10.)

RADWIMPS will visit the UK later in 2017.
Read our London Interview with RADWIMPS here

February 25 (Saturday) Fukuoka Marine Messe Fukuoka

February 26 (Sunday) Fukuoka Marine Messe Fukuoka

March 2 (Thu) Ehime Ehime Prefecture Budokan

March 7 (Tue) Kanagawa Yokohama Arena

March 8 (Wed) Kanagawa Yokohama Arena

March 11 (Sat) Osaka Osakajo Hall

March 12 (Sunday) Osaka Osakajo Hall

March 18 (Saturday) Hokkaido Hokkaido General Physical Education Center North Sea Yeah

March 25 (Sat) Miyagi Sekisui Heim Super Arena

March 26 (Sunday) Miyagi Sekisui Heim Super Arena

April 1 (Saturday) Aichi Nagoya NGK Hall

April 8 (Sat) Hiroshima Hiroshima Green Arena

April 9 (Sunday) Hiroshima Hiroshima Green Arena

April 15 (Sat) Fukui Sundome Fukui

April 22 (Sat) Hyōgo Kobe World Memorial Hall

April 23 (Sunday) Hyōgo Kobe World Memorial Hall

April 29 Saitama Saitama Super Arena

April 30 (Sunday) Saitama Saitama Super Arena

Tuesday, May 9 Tokyo Nippon Budokan

May 10 (Wed) Tokyo Nippon Budokan

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