MASSIVE WAGONS next single ‘Back To The Stack’ has been playlisted by Planet Rock Radio.

The “Quo Shaped” sound-recording will be released in April — with an accompanying video in memory of Quo’s Rick Parfitt — all proceeds will be donated to The Teenage Cancer Trust.

Rick Parfitt

Back To The Stack is the first track from the Lancashire five piece to be released as a single from their critically acclaimed album Welcome To The World.

It’s also the first new music to emerge from a writing sessions for album number four.

As well as writing new material, the band continue to play heavily around the UK and into Europe during the run up to festival season.

We had an early listen to the Quo single :

Unsurprisingly, it’s a clamor of shiny metal fizz and recognizable thump-chords … yeah!

This is long-haired blue-denim boogie-woogie…

So put your hands to your hips and sing along – “Down-down deeper… down down…

The lads tribute to Rick was aired live for the first time to a sold out Manchester Ritz while touring in support of the rock legends The Wildhearts. The packed theatre approved; chanting Rick’s name and raising their glasses to the main man, such is the love for the heaviest right hand in rock.

Rick Parfitt 1948 – 2016

Meanwhile while you wait for the MW’s memorial single…


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